14 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Services


Trustworthy Employees

    • Yet Insured for your protection against theft and dishonesty.

All Collateral Loans are Insured.

    • Insured through Lloyd’s of London.

Pawned Items are Secured in a Bank Vault.

    • Not a free standing safe.

Protected by State of the Art Security.

    • The vault, exterior, and interior of the building are protected by state of the art security systems with a second security system as back up. Constant protection by two of the best security systems in the pawn industry and certified with a UL rating.

Loan Interest Rates

    • All loan interest rates are in accordance with the allowable loan interest rate limits set by the state of California.

7,500 Square Foot Shop

    • Our new shop is 7,500 square feet and sits on 1 acre of secured fenced area.

10 Day Notice.

    • A 10 Day Notice will be sent stating you have 10 days left on your loan. Notice can be paper mailed; registered mail by USPS or by text message to your phone.

Family Owned Business

    • We are a local family owned business serving the central valley since 1991 (29 years).

All Loans are Confidential

    • We value your privacy and keep all transactions confidential.

No Credit Involved

    • If you have a foreclosure, no problem. Nothing goes against your credit and we gladly welcome you back for additional loans and services.

Don’t Lose Your Item(s) if Unable You’re Unable to Redeem Your Loan.

    • In most cases we will gladly rewrite (re-pawn) your loan(s) by paying only the interest and any additional charges. This will give you another 4 months to pay off (redeem) or rewrite the loan again before the 4 months are up!

No Monthly Payments Required.

    • Make one payment prior to the 4 month loan expiration to either rewrite for an additional 4 months or redeem to pick your item up.

We Work With You.

    • Unable to redeem or rewrite your loan? Come in and talk to us about the problem and we will do our very best to help. BELIEVE IT OR NOT we really don’t want you to lose your pawned item.

Over $3,000,000.00 in Loans and Buys Yearly.

    • We strive to do our very best in offering the best service and prices on the items we loan on and buy from our clients. We will gladly loan only what you need vs the full collateral on loaned items to help make it easier to redeem. Our clients are our number one priority!