We Buy Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver in ANY CONDITION. Jewelry, Coins, Bars, Nuggets, Ingots,   We offer some of the best prices in Central California. If you haven’t worn your gold jewelry in a long time, or have scrap jewelry, consider stopping by our store. You might leave our store with more CASH MONEY than you expected. We are licensed to buy gold and silver in the state of California, city of Modesto and Stanislaus County.  We have trained employee’s to help you.

If you want some extra money, bring your gold, silver, diamonds, platinum or other precious metals to our store. We can weigh your gold on our State Approved Scales or other items right on the spot and will quote you a price based on current rates.  If you think our offer is fair, we will pay you for your gold or other items right away.
In CASH!!!

The gold buying experts at The Pawn Shop, have many years of experience. If you have a question about selling your gold, gold jewelry, diamonds, silver, platinum, other precious metals or jewelry please come by!