What is Firearm Storage and Who Uses this Service?


Some people store firearms with us because of our secure facility. People going on vacation, maybe a problem person in their home and other reasons.

Storage is also used so a person doesn’t have to sell their firearms or surrender their firearms to local Law Enforcement to be destroyed because of a Court Ordered Restraining Order.


Procedures to store a Court Ordered Firearm(s)


  1. Bring a copy of the Court Order.
  2. Bring your Valid California I.D. or Driver’s License
  3. We must be paid in full for all charges. Then paid in full each month, until the Court releases the firearm(s) to you..
  4. You sign a Storage Agreement, and we then take possession of your firearms for the required length of time that has been ordered by the court.
  5. We list all firearms on a DOJ Form BOF 922 (requiring all information).
  6. Complete DOJ Form BOF DV-800 / JV 2582 for the court.
  7. We then enter all firearms into our ATF Computer A/D Book and you sign the paperwork for our computer showing we now have possession of your firearm(s).
  8. We then give you copies for each firearm.
  9. We then store your firearms until the Court Ordered Day of Release of Firearms.


How to Retrieve Your Firearm


  1. Bring in your Court Order from a Judge showing we can release the firearm(s), to You and a Valid California I.D or Driver’s License.
  2. Receive any Payment or Fees owed.
  3. Customer must then pay a $40.00 DROS Fee
  4. Customer then signs all paperwork for Calif. DOJ
  5. Customer fills out and signs Federal Form 4473.
  6. You now wait 10 days to pickup your firearm(s). (10, 24 hour periods)
  7. We then have to Dispose all firearms in out ATF A/D Disposition Book.


Storage Fees and Charges


  1. $10.00 Cost for each firearm for Items 6,7, & 8.
  2. $15.00 Charge for each firearm for Items 15, 16 & 18.
  3. $1.00 per day Storage Fee for each firearm stored.