If the item(s) does not have the ability to be tested, (missing parts, Un-charged or missing battery, missing pieces or is broken etc. WE WILL NOT TAKE THE ITEM

Getting a pawn loan from The Pawn Shop is easy. First we offer (6) computerized pawn stations for fast service. All you need is a valid government issued identification card, Drivers License or ID with your picture and one or more items that we can use as collateral for the loan. If you have never received a short term cash pawn loan or borrowed money from us before, let us explain how to borrow money from The Pawn Shop.

First, all loans are for 30 days, with a 3 Month Redemption Period, making the loan for a 4 month period. Should you forget about your loan, Calif. State Law requires we send you a Reminder Letter with proof from the USPS, giving you 10 days to address the loan from the date the Reminder Notice was mailed to you.

So make sure you have the right mailing address on your loan. It is your responsibility to make sure your mailing address is correct. You must be at least 18 years old to do a pawn loan.

Getting a loan from The Pawn Shop is not a personal loan based on a credit history. Your loan is based on the item you bring to our store and that is used for the collateral. If you don’t pick up your item(s) and lose them, NO PROBLEM! We will welcome you back for another loan anytime. Nothing goes against your credit.

The Pawn Shop is a friendly place where you can obtain quick cash. We are just regular folks helping the community. If you have an important bill that needs to be paid, your rent is due, you need some extra gas money, or need some extra cash for a vacation, stop by our store and bring a few items of value. Don’t forget your valid, picture ID, Drivers License’, any accepted ID.

All Pawn Loans up to $2,499.99 have interest rates that are set by the State of Calif. Any loans over $2,499.00 have interest rates that we can set ourselves and will be agreed upon by the customer.

Here are a few suggestions on getting a pawn loan:

Decide how much money you really need. If you have a specific amount in mind, it will make it easier for one of our friendly pawnbrokers to help you get the money you want. Also, remember, it is easier to pay back a lower loan amount than a higher loan amount. So borrow only what you really need. Believe it or not, we really want you to pick up (redeem) your item(s).

Clean and check out the items you are going to bring to our store.
Sure, you can look around your basement or garage for items that haven’t been used for awhile, but it is better if you turn on any electronics first to see if they work. It also helps to clean the items you bring into our store.

Click here for items we loan on or you can call us to find out if there is a good chance that we will accept the items you are considering bringing to our store. While we can’t provide values and loan amounts over the phone, we can give you an idea if we will consider your items as collateral for a loan.

Make sure that the items you want to pawn have all the proper parts and/or accessories. For example, if you are going to pawn a digital camera, make sure the memory card, battery, charger and power cable are in the same box.

Bring proper identification. A valid and current State Issued ID or Drivers License, Passport, or a Government Issued ID with a picture and the same description information that is on a Drivers License. You must be at least18 years

So now that you know how to get a pawn loan from The Pawn Shop, and you can start collecting items to bring to our store. Typical items that our customers use as a pledge for pawn loans include jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, (in any condition) firearms, professional tools, electronics, computers, cameras, musical instruments, collectibles, antiques, art, gold and silver coins, and so many other items there are to many to list. We look forward to helping you with a pawn loan soon!